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Braum’s awaits city approval to begin construction on ACU property



ABILENE, TX – The university has approved a location for Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Stores on ACU property along Judge Ely Boulevard as the chain looks to create a presence in Abilene.

Judge Ely Boulevard near KFC is just one of three Abilene locations Braum’s is aiming to build on, with another location on Hardin-Simmons’ property off of Ambler Avenue and one in the south of town at the corner of Antilley Road and Memorial Drive.

Kevin Campbell, senior vice president for operations, said Braum’s contacted the university requesting the plot of land. ACU came to an agreement with the chain last fall, agreeing to the construction site.

“We thought Braum’s would be a good fit,” Campbell said. “We are trying to add to the vibrance of the community nearby, and we are trying to do that selectively. We thought Braum’s just so happened to be a franchise that fit that need and were willing to provide us the asking price we have for the land as well.”

As of right now, Braum’s is waiting for approval from the city to begin construction, a process usually taking four to six weeks. Campbell said it won’t be known whether the deal will be able to close until the end of April.

Assuming construction is approved by the city, when the building process would begin depends on Braum’s, although ACU has urged the franchise to begin construction within the first couple years of being on the land.

“From ACU’s perspective, we have put some terms into the agreement that Braum’s would build within a couple of years of acquiring the property,” said Campbell.

Rachel Puckett, sophomore advertising and public relations major from Fort Worth, said she is excited about the prospects of Braum’s being so close to campus as she recalls nostalgic memories of the ice cream shop from her childhood.

“It was a special treat to go to Braum’s, so to have one in Abilene is going to be exciting to bring that back,” Puckett said. “Getting together with your friends when something exciting happens, to say ‘Let’s go to Braum’s and to get ice cream and milkshakes.’ I’m really excited for milkshakes.”