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Dozens march through Abilene to protest the killing of George Floyd



ABILENE, TX – Dozens gathered at the Abilene police department in protest of the death of George Floyd, who died at the hands of a Minneapolis officer.

“It is systematic oppression that we deal with every day in this country it is in the foundation in which this country was built on”

“I wanted to be apart of this to teach my that he has a voice in this world.”

People of all races, like Shanequa and her son Ja-Len, joined in the black lives matter march.

“When I watched that video, I literally shed tears because the couldn’t breathe. His knee was on his neck,” says Ja-Len.

The peaceful protest started in the Abilene police department parking lot where Chief Stan Standridge shared a quick message and prayer with the crowd.

“If I look at the video, I see criminal conduct and I’m going to tell you right now, they do not reflect your Abilene police department,” says Chief Standridge.

The group marched down South to 14th, turned on Barrow and headed back down South 1st.

“It couldn’t have gone better in my opinion,” says Alec Pitts.

Alec and his sister Hannah helped organize the march .

“The police came out and showed their support which I thought was great after all that’s happened with the police in Minnesota. It’s great to know that they’re at least trying to right the wrong,” says Alec.

Alec and his sister say they hope this leads to more organized marches in the future.