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World War II veteran in Brownwood turns 100 years old



ABILENE, TX – When you’ve lived on earth for a 100 years, you know a thing or two because you’ve seen a thing or two.

For Arthur Forment of Brownwood TX, his eyes truly opened up in his 20’s after being 24,000 feet in the air.

“I started flying pursuits, you now fighters in those days, there all props of course. I spent four years flying every day,” he said.

Before WWII, Art said he didn’t go to a regular college before getting drafted in the war, he went to a special engineering school run by none other than henry ford.

“I met ford when I was working in some of the labs,” he said.

But for him, meeting one of the most influential people in history in the classroom was normal. But not too long before the war ended, he had his eyes on a new career. Dentistry.

“So, I had my mind made up I was going to be a dentist before I left India,” he said.

And after over 50 years of dentistry, he finds his free time full of painting.  But if you ask him what’s the key to a long life? it’s simple.

“I think the whole secret to the whole thing is being active,” he said. “It seems like when I walk it cures everything.”