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ERCOT: ‘Abilene citizens should expect rotating outages of power’



ABILENE, TX – The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) says Abilene citizens should expect rotating outages of power due to high demand from freezing temperatures.

The Council says electric markets are forecasted to have actual customer load (demand) exceeding available generation capacity starting around 5:00 P.M.

“These conditions are expected to last through tomorrow (Monday) and possibly through Wednesday,” said ERCOT in a press release. “There is a high likelihood that ERCOT will issue instructions to TDSP’s (electric delivery utilities) to begin rotating outages of firm customer load.”

“If the TDSP’s are instructed to commence rotating outages, they have been instructed to avoid interrupting electricity to “human needs” customers including hospitals and having an importance on maintaining electricity to natural gas-related facilities that will ensure a continuous flow of natural gas fuel to power generation facilities.”

You can track the actual generation versus projected demand on ERCOT.COM find the “IN THE SPOTLIGHT” section on the right side of the home page. Use the links below for other important information.