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Mayor Williams outlines which outdoor events are allowed, which need approval



ABILENE, TX – On July 2, 2020, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order GA-29 and a Proclamation amending GA-28 that mandated masks whenever a person could not socially distance, and prohibited most outdoor gatherings in excess of ten people, unless the Mayor of a city approves the gathering. Under GA-28 as amended, the Mayor may subject outdoor gatherings to additional conditions or restrictions.

In an effort to provide event organizers with a level of certainty, an outdoor event in excess of ten people is approved by the Mayor and may take place in the City limits without further approval required if the following additional safety measures are adhered to:

  1. Event organizers are required to encourage event participants to social distance, or wear a face covering if social distancing is not feasible. The City will rely upon the event organizer and the event attendees to self-regulate and use common sense in the application of this requirement.
  2. Events with more than thirty attendees must have hand washing or hand sanitizing stations available. There should be one station for every thirty attendees. The City will rely upon the event organizer to self-regulate and use common sense in the application of this requirement.
  3. Event organizers wishing to host an outdoor event with 300 people or more, must first submit a written plan to maintain social distancing to the City of Abilene. It will be reviewed by the Mayor. and a decision will be made upon the request within three business days. Social distancing plans for events with 300 or more people should be emailed to

The following outdoor gatherings are not prohibited by the Governor and therefore do NOT need approval by the Mayor to have an outdoor event:

  1. essential services
  2. religious services
  3. local government operations
  4. child-care services
  5. youth camps
  6. youth and adult recreational sports programs
  7. professional and collegiate sporting events
  8. swimming pools.
  9. water parks
  10. museums
  11. libraries
  12. zoos
  13. aquariums
  14. natural caverns
  15. rodeos
  16. equestrian events
  17. amusement parks.

Other restrictions issued by the Governor may apply to these outdoor events.

Nothing herein shall prevent or restrict the Mayor from revoking approval of any outdoor event, nor prevent or restrict the Mayor from adding to or removing the additional conditions stated above, with or without prior notice to an event organizer or the public.

In addition, and insofar as weddings and funerals are considered religious services or religious worship, as set out in the Governor’s Executive Orders GA-28. as amended, and GA-29, the Governor’s face-covering requirement does not apply, whether or not the wedding or funeral takes place inside or outside.