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Random citizens cover up racist graffiti painted on Abilene business



ABILENE, TX – Random citizens decided to spend their afternoon covering up racist graffiti painted on an Abilene business overnight.

One of the citizens’ mother, who is a mail carrier, noticed the words ‘no more f****** n******’, along with a swastika, painted on the fence at the Station One Venue on Mulberry Street Thursday morning.

She called her son, and he and a friend went to the store to get black paint, then decided to cover it up.

Station One Venue owner Doug Hickson is out of town and was appalled when he found out what had been painted on his business.

He says he “doesn’t stand for that at all” and is in the process of filing a report with police.

KTAB and KRBC have reached out to the Abilene Police Department, and Chief Stan Standridge issued the following statement:

This graffiti is both a violation of law and also an extreme offense to our citizens.

It does not reflect the heart of our city, but what does reflect our city are these two gentlemen: Roberto Maldonado and Robbie Johnson.

They became aware of the graffiti and immediately took action by painting over the gross words.

Police Administration just got off the phone with them, thanking them for their quick actions.  We will recognize them in the days ahead.

This is now the second incident of similar graffiti. The Department is actively investigating these crimes and will seek to bring charges forward.

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams released the following statement in response to the graffiti:

I undoubtedly know our city is home to good people who love and care for fellow residents, no matter our differences or interests. I am always bothered to see vulgar or hateful displays against any group, and will not tolerate it. I applaud those who took it upon themselves to correct this matter, and encourage all citizens to peacefully stand against hate and racism. I am confident the Abilene Police Department will investigate this matter fully and pursue any appropriate charges.

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