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Mom dies of Covid days after giving birth to daughter without getting to hold her



A teacher has died of Covid just days after her daughter was born. Paige from Texas was urged to get the vaccine, but she was afraid it would harm her unborn child. The 32-year-old tested positive for Covid-19 when she was 9 months pregnant and just days after her baby girl was delivered by emergency C-section she died.

Paige’s mom Robin Zinsou said she had urged her daughter to get the vaccine.

“As soon as Celeste was delivered, they whisked her away and when my daughter came to (after the surgery), they said … they had to keep each other separate because of the Covid,” she said.

Staff were able to arrange a video chat so Ruiz could see Celeste but she never got to hold her baby before she died in hospital of complications from the virus on August 15.

Paige was coordinator of Student Learning Outcomes and Federal Programs at the Joshua Independent School District in Texas, and had been middle school assistant principal there for four years before that, according to a statement from the district.

“Her dedication and passion to educating students will always be remembered along with her kindness to others,” the statement said.

A GoFundMe set up to help with funeral costs and to help Paige’s husband Daniel “with unexpected costs of losing an income with a newborn and a two year old at home,” has so far raised more than $58,000.

She added: “One of Paige’s last wishes was that everyone, from all walks of life, get vaccinated against Covid to help prevent more tragedy. Covid has done enough damage to all of us. Please consider getting vaccinated to help protect yourself and your loved ones and to honor the memory of my sister.”

Paige’s mom Robin said her daughter was fearful that the vaccine would harm her baby.

“She thought that there wasn’t enough information or data out there to say that she could confidently get vaccinated without harming the baby,” she added.