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Salvation Army of Abilene volunteers traveling to support Hurricane Laura victims



ABILENE, TX – On Wednesday afternoon, the Salvation Army was packing for its trip to help support those who will be impacted by Hurricane Laura.

“Just to spread that joy, that they have some kind of salvation or something to look forward to,” said Salvation Army of Abilene volunteer Joe Gonzales.

For more than 100 years the Salvation Army has maintained a proud history of helping those in need in Abilene. That tradition will continue over the next couple of weeks, when volunteers from Abilene travel to the Golden Triangle and Beaumont area to help victims of Hurricane Laura.

“There’s going to be a lot of need, a lot of people without power, electricity. A lot of people that don’t have a way to cook, and we’ll be there to be able to provide for them a meal, hydration, cleaning kits, and emotional and spiritual care,” said Salvation Army of Abilene Corps Officer Joshua McKain.

Members of the nonprofit stocked their disaster relief truck with food, drinks, and other supplies they will need to lend a helping hand.

“We anticipate serving at least 500 meals. At least 500 meals daily, out of just this one unit,” said McKain.

Gonzales says he is excited to help as many people as he can, especially the most vulnerable.

“I think it will bring some kind of comfort, that they’re going to get something into their stomachs, you know, especially children or pregnant women. It’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be very exciting at the same time,” said Gonzales.

McKain says the Salvation Army is providing personal protective equipment for all of its volunteers to help keep them safe while they are out saving lives.

“We’re going to respond, and even amidst the pandemic we’re going to be safe, but we’re going to respond to the needs of those suffering in this time of frailty,” said McKain.

The disaster relief truck full of resources to help Hurricane Laura victims is leaving from Abilene on Thursday morning at 7:30.