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Save the children walk for human trafficking awareness



ABILENE, TX – On Saturday morning, members of the Abilene community met at Everman Park in downtown Abilene for the Save the Children Walk.

“We need to make people aware so that they can take care of their children,” said walk organizer Tiffany Bridgwater.

People walked and drove their vehicles with hopes of raising awareness about the impact of human trafficking and child abuse.

“It blew my mind. I have three boys myself, and it’s terrifying to know what they go through, and that it’s a very real thing that happens here in Abilene, Texas, and all over the United States,” said Bridgwater.

Organizers say one of the main focuses of the walk is to make sure victims of abuse have a voice.

“They need our voice because they don’t have their own. They didn’t have that chance to have that voice,” said walk organizer Katrina King.

Bridgwater says human trafficking is a difficult topic to discuss, and many people might not be aware it can happen where they live.

“I’ve lived here for 35-years and I had no idea that it was so intense,” said Bridgwater.

Bridgwater says she hopes this walk inspires those in attendance to be active in the fight against human trafficking and to be more cautious when it comes to protecting their children.