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The Affordable Barber Academy giving free back-to-school haircuts to the community



ABILENE, TX – From $5 to free, Tonya Maxwell’s student barbers over at The Affordable Barber Academy are lending out a helping hand to parents as they get ready for the incoming school year.

“I know everyone has been struggling with money, not working because of the pandemic,” she said.

Giving her students a chance at some extra practice, it’s a win-win for everyone she said.

“It will be good for my students as well as the students going to school,” she said.

Student barber Stetson Flores says school hasn’t changed for students heading back. Appearances and first impressions still matter.

“A lot of people can judge you off of one cut, so it’s really good for them to look well-groomed and professional. also, just to be comfortable around other kids,” Flores said.

Already gotten his kids back to school haircuts, Marcus Moncibais said parents have an important role of keeping things as normal as possible, during a time where so much is uncertain.

“You have to keep normalcy to show strength for your kids and to show them that everything is okay,” he said. “I mean we have all these precautions in order, and you just want to make sure you follow that.”

“Because who knows how this pandemic may be affecting them,” said student barber Sonney Benivamondez. “You never know how simple hair cut can help keep a healthy mind.”

“They can be out there walking around shaggy and not really feel how they really feel, and then they get a haircut and they say ‘oh I actually look clean my image is actually nice, I got really good confidence’.”

They will be offering haircuts to students Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm.