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Abilene apartment complex has been without water since historic winter storm



Dozens of residents who live at the Aspen Apartments in the 1700 block of South 3rd Street have been living without water since February 19. The winter storm damaged the entire water system at the complex.

“We need water to live and to bath and to cook,” said John Fowler, who lives at the complex.

In a nearby apartment Kyle Schrader brings in water from a nearby hose to wash dishes and transform his portable washer and dryer into a rigged up bathing machine he uses in his bathtub.

“So can lay down and scrub myself,” said Schrader.

Augusta Realtors manages the property. They have brought in outside portable showers and outhouses. They have also set up a water hose to allow residents to get water and bring it into their apartments.

26 out of 36 units at the complex are occupied.

Augusta Realtors told KTXS the winter storm cost 250,000 dollars in damages and they have hired a Dallas plumbing company to fix the problem. They are waiting for the final approval of permits so the work can start as soon as possible.

August released this statement to KTXS:

“Our residents are of the utmost importance to us. The Augusta team and myself sympathize with the difficulties they have faced. We are working with plumbing professionals that are experienced in complete plumbing restoration. We have faith they will resolve this quickly. We understand there is no substitution for not having water in their home but we have provided facilities to help them at this time. We are very blessed to have such patient and understanding residents at Aspen. Managing a disaster is a difficult thing and they have stood with us through it all.”

Augusta Realtors is allowing residents to break their leases and are refunding deposits.

They hope to have the water back within a few weeks after the reconstruction begins.