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Abilene mom of 3 evicted week before Christmas after losing job because of COVID



An Abilene mother of three was evicted a week before Christmas after losing her job because of COVID.

“I’m asking friends and family to borrow some money until Tuesday so we can get a U-Haul,” said Cobb.

She worked at Buffalo Wild Wings but was laid off when restaurants in Texas were forced to close because of the pandemic.

She lives with her boyfriend, but he also lost his job.

Struggling to make ends meet since October, the two lost their only car.

“I’ve been walking the two boys to and from school,” said Cobb.

Stormie’s three kids (Courtesy: Stormie Cobb)

She’s definitely not alone.

According to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association, 81% of restaurant operators say their current staffing level is lower than what it would normally be without COVID.

Forty-nine percent expect their staffing levels to decline even further during the next three months.

Levi Sims works at MC Sports Bar which is closed because the Abilene Trauma Service Area exceeded the 15% COVID hospital capacity for more than two weeks.

“You try so hard to fight and fight, hold your head above water it is never good enough,” said Sims in tears.

From 1-5 p.m. Sunday, the bar is holding a toy drive at 4025 N 1st Street.

The toys will go to bar workers around Abilene.