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Sweet & creative, 15-year-old Ayanis looking for her forever family



ABILENE, TX — Ayanis is a sweet, caring and creative girl with a bubbly personality that has a knack for making people smile.

Ayanis receives extra support in school to assist her with meeting her goals. At times, she can become distracted and have a difficult time concentrating, but is a thoughtful girl who can be sensitive.

She enjoys expressing herself in creative ways such as drawing, coloring, writing, and listening to music. She is working on controlling her impulses and respecting boundaries.

Ayanis is friendly and affectionate towards others. She is excited about the idea of adoption, and cannot wait to start doing activities with her new family.

Family Profile

Ayanis will do best in a family with patience and stability. The family for her will be committed to helping her succeed in school. Ayanis requires a loving, positive family, as she can be sensitive. The perfect family for her will help her reach her potential by guiding and assisting her in overcoming challenges.