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Tow company lends a helping hand to Abilene community on New Year’s Eve



ABILENE, TX – This New Year’s Eve was a little different than years past. Due to the pandemic, many events that would usually take place were canceled, and the winter weather did not help the situation. While dealing with these interesting circumstances, one Abilene business is lent a helping hand to people in the Key City to make sure everyone got home safely.

“We’d rather get them home safe, than not get them home at all,” said B&S Wrecker Services Owner Billy Swiney.

B&S Wrecker Services had a special offer for anyone who was not sober enough to drive home after a long night.

“We’re gonna be offering free tows and rides for anybody that’s been drinking,” said B&S Wrecker Services Dispatcher Sherry Davis.

“People are still gonna gather, and we’re just here to make sure they get home safe, and at least at B&S we can at least help them get home to their families and hopefully they start a good year,” said Swiney.

Ice and snow do not pop up in Abilene’s weather forecasts too often, so when they do Swiney says it is important for him and his staff to have all hands on deck.

“We’ve been driving around today trying to help as many as we can, and make sure that they’re off the road and don’t cause any other accidents if there is one,” said Swiney.

Due in part to the slippery road conditions, multiple car accidents were reported around the City of Abilene this New Year’s Eve.

“People don’t really understand how fastly it’ll get slick. It might be easy driving for a good 2-3 miles, all of a sudden you come up to a bad spot and it could cause a lot of people to get hurt,” said Swiney.

Despite only being in business for 10 months, Swiney says this holiday season, and especially on New Year’s Eve, the staff at B&S are doing everything they can to help their brothers and sisters in Abilene.

“We could definitely save lives tonight if somebody would call and let us tow them, and give them a ride home,” said Davis.

“If you don’t have to get out, please don’t. If you do have to drive please keep your distance from the other drivers. Give extra time and watch the driver in front of you,” said Swiney.